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Dear ExxonMobil, Dear ExxonMobil, this weekend my car was low on gas. On the way to the gas station I stopped at the pharmacy for something else I needed. While walking the aisles I noticed this product called Nexxus. “What a time-saver”, I thought. I can get gas for my car right here. I purchased Nexxus, poured it into my gas tank and I was highly disappointed that the gas level did not increase. It was only after I inspected the empty Nexxus bottle that I realized it was shampoo and not gas. When I saw the interlocking, double-x logo on Nexxus I could have sworn it was associated with you. You should sue them. Sorry for the blurry picture… I guess I shouldn’t drink Roxx Vodka and drive at the same time. Many thanks to our ADVx3 Partners

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  1. We at Roxx appreciate your article and sense of humor

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