Reviewed: New Identity for 3M by Wolff Olins

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  1. Jon Palmer says:

    3M Identity.

    Crisp, simple and has presence for the communication of bold, simple and sometimes bland statements.

    In practice, working on 3M’s many business to business print communications, across multiple brands and attempting to communicate complex information and concepts, the Triangle device becomes exceptionally inflexible and often a real hindrance.

    Applying the colour palette to a multiplicity of products is, in practice, difficult when attempting to achieve, for each one, a distinct identity. It soon becomes apparent that useful combinations from sets of neighbouring colours is in fact severely limited.

    Having worked as a lecturer in design for long enough, as well as being involved with the 3M brand for nearly ten years as an independent designer, the 3M Identity, skilfully and enticingly presented (if faintly criticised) here, persistently reminds me of a commendable student project.

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