Lessons in Brand (Mis)management: Why You Should Be Watching Indian Motorcycle

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  1. Greg P. says:

    I think Polaris is doing exactly what they should’ve been doing; making an American motorcycle. In ‘Merica’, most people might guess Isle of Man has something to do with Europe, maybe even guess that it has something to do with England. However, most have no idea that there is a motorcycle race there. And their most likely response regarding MotoGP would be Valentino who???

    Polaris touted Indian as the heritage brand and Victory as the performance brand. Now that Victory has folded, they are free to do a lot of what you say, which I would LOVE BTW. I hope that Indian ALSO brings out a performance line of standard and sport bikes so they are ready for the America of tomorrow. But they have to keep their cruiser line if the want to be successful in the America of today. For me, following in Triumph’s footsteps with a diverse range of bike is a noble goal they should work towards.

    Rumor has it that July is going to be a BIG month at Indian. I just hope now that the cruiser line is established, they move into to performance standard and sport bikes as well. I think there is room and a need for both.

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