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Branding & Packaging for Seven Point by La Tortilleria“Seven…

Branding & Packaging for Seven Point by La Tortilleria

“Seven Point is an outstanding high-end Chicago based state-approved medical cannabis dispensary. La Tortillería worked on this project alongside with Curioso, its sister agency in the US, to build Seven Point´s complete branding and visual identity. The challenging task demanded skilful design, marketing experience, full understanding of the dispensary’s public exposition levels, and of course, Chicago´s own laws and regulations regarding medical marijuana’s advertising and branding methods.”

Originally founded in an old tortilla factory building, La Tortillería is a creative company with a passion for images and words with the exceptional ability of turning them into an exquisite reflection of an idea. They create, brand, design, publish and advertise blending creativity and functionality to grant each project a unique personality. They are creative problem solvers who begin with the end in mind either from scratch or from an outlined plan and make things happen come hell or high water.

Article originally appeared on The Design Blog: Link.